Friday, July 10, 2009


“Education will continue to be an important part or the national mission and its objectives”, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
He said, even the new economic model which the government planned to introduce would not be possible to be attained until and unless the country was able to produce the right kind and quality people, which had very much to do with education and the values it brought.
“Education is not about producing academics person, it is about a person is educated in his hearts and minds. That is the true purpose of education”, he said.
The Prime minister said that apart from education curriculum, another strong influence on students was the ethos of schools, and all the values it is imparted would shape the belief and attitude of the students.
“For that mission, the missions’ school has been recognized as school with special ethos. Which is in consonance with my desire of a truly 1 Malaysia,” said Najib. Najib said that part and parcel of the 1 Malaysia concept would include the basic premise, that all Malaysians should accept wholeheartedly the diversity of this country as their strength, and not as source of problem.
“1 Malaysia calls going beyond the concept of tolerance… instead, it calls to migrate to a mindset of accepting in total, the diversity which exists in our society,” he said.
I call all Malaysian to transform because this journey is about transforming on mindset, not distinguishing so much in terms of ethnic and religion differences but instead, what we can contribute to this nation,” he said.

Source: Sunday post 28 jun 2009


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